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this is how gay people communicate 


The dialect

Oh my fucking god are you kidding lmfao

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I love cooking but I hate working in kitchens. I’m currently working at a restaurant that makes me feel pretty shitty a lot of the time, I dislike the setting and type of people kitchens seem to attract and I really want to quit BUT if I quit I might feel like I failed my dreams of being a chef.

I’ve worked in multiple kitchens and I always end up being more and more unhappy as time goes on but if I quit this time I will definitely be done this career path for good so i’m really nervous about it…. but it’s also the main cause of anxiety and unhappiness in my life at the moment. I don’t know what to do, I want to start a new career that will provide me with better opportunities at a stable life in the future but I don’t want to let my parents and friends down let alone myself. Ugh.

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i’m still laughing at this

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this is the best 30 seconds or so of my life

I literally do this to my dog everyday

The pug in the background that’s so sick of seeing this though

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my favourite set ever

It’s nice to see someone attain their goals

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Lance: What would you like for your birthday?
Me: cubs. A stable full of cubs.
Lance: …….(- ___ -)….
Me: ( ^ . ^ )

(>¿<) siiiigh. Alright. Now taking applications for birthday present cubs for

Ooooh!  Pick me, pick me, pick me!

When and where??

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fun fact: the reason that the plural of goose is geese but the plural of moose is not meese is because goose derives from an ancient germanic word undergoing strong declension, in the pattern of foot/feet and tooth/teeth, wherein oo is mutated to ee. however ‘moose’ is a native american word added to the english lexicon only ~400 years ago, and lacks the etymological reason to be pluralized in that way.

Oh baby.  Keep talking dirty to me.

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